Our Commitments


Depending on the realities of the 13 countries where the Daughters of Jesus are inserted, their mode of presence and their commitments are greatly varied.



From the beginning the urgency to respond to the needs of the milieu, whatever they might be, strongly marked Father Noury’s project: “a house of piety and of good works […] for the general usefulness, spiritual as well as temporal, of the parish and the surrounding areas”. (Manuscript 1842)


The field is vast and sisters can be found in numerous spheres of human activity, always with the concern of being close to the life of the people.



– devote themselves to the education of children and to the formation of youth and of adults 

– care for the sick, accompanying them to the end of their lives 

– organize projects in partnership with the less affluent ;collaborate in activities for a better sharing of goods, for an economy of greater solidarity 

– live in working class, marginalized areas to simply “be with” 

– are sent for an ecclesial ministry : catechesis, liturgy, formation…

And the list gets longer.





What makes for the unity of our mission is not so much a common activity as the spirit in which it is carried out.

“Wherever we are sent, firmly committed among the people, we live close to them, collaborating, according to our means, to the development of all and to the proclamation of the Gospel”.

                                                                                                                             (Rule of Life n° 15)

In this way we want to “Honour the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God” and it is this which guides our activity and our choices. We are called to recognize, in the most humble and most disfigured human being, the One “who did not cling to his equality with God, who entered into our flesh”. (Phil. 2)



“Our aim is modest ; glamorous works are not ours. (…) To give our care to those ‘left out’ by fortune : these are our works.”

(Mother Marie de Sainte Blandine, superior general, 1902)


“They (the sisters) will be here like an open door to welcome, to meet, to create links, to spread the Gospel as Good News of Peace. We can pray with them. They will be, first of all, the face of friendship and of trust. They will teach us the freedom of faith and the beauty of self-giving. They will love”.

(Parish Bulletin of a parish of the diocese of Limoges, France, 2003)


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