In Community

“We are gathered together in the Congregation in answer to the same call

 …Gathered in the name of Jesus, we believe that it is He who can enable us to live together and that the love we strive to make a reality among us is itself Good News.”

(Rule of Life n° 21)


There are numerous ways to grow in mutual love. For us, life in community is one of these ways. To live in community means accepting to link our fate with others in a life in Congregation.


We decide to undertake together, in faith, an adventure where each one’s mission is meaningless unless assumed as part of the mission entrusted to the whole group. It is not a particular sister who is “missionary” in her own right, but the whole body to which the sister belongs by vocation.


cte-c2d71f5883To become a Community is a long journey of patience and faith.


 The Community is built through simple gestures : a positive look, attentive listening, a liberating word, a comforting, encouraging hand, mutual acceptance and forgiveness…


The communion we are striving for in this way in truth and simplicity, in patience and forgiveness, is itself a sign of the Kingdom.

 (Rule of Life n° 27)

Each year the community gathers together to draw up an Apostolic Community Project : a project set for the year and established in the light of the orientations of the Congregation, of the diocesan Church and of the area in which the community is situated.


Building a community for mission demands a long apprenticeship and an attentive reviewing of life events. We must take the time to :


– listen to and speak to each other,


– pray in a way which incorporates the events in our lives,


– draw up and evaluate our Apostolic Community Project.


“We believe that God makes his presence known to us through everyday life and through events in the world around us, considered in the light of faith, that he speaks to us also through Scripture and the teaching of the Church.

 That is why, opening ourselves to the creative power of his Spirit, we wish to discern with others his will for us and to respond actively to the calls of mission.”

  (Rule of Life n° 41)



Today, violence, intolerance, domination through power and money,

ethnic and political wars, are the tragic characteristics of our world.

In this context, we believe that it is urgent

that we bear witness to fraternity,

patience, compassion and mercy.

Our communities, in their diversity,

hope to bear witness

to the fact that “living together” is possible.

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