The Postulancy

In religious life the « postulancy » is the first stage of formation.

It can last from one to two years according to context and need.


It is a time of reciprocal meeting and discovery

between the postulant and the Congregation.

The postulancy allows for :

  • The discovery of apostolic religious life while living in a community.
  • A deeping of the call to follow Christ in the spirit of the Daughters of Jesus.


During this time, the postulant may :

  • Continue to exercise her professional activity and engagements while sharing the everyday life of a community,
  • Or live this time of formation and discernment along with others who are at the same stage in their discernment.






This life made up of prayer, fraternal sharing and work becomes the setting for a human and spiritual adventure.

Fully engaged in this new life, the postulant aims to be attentive to all that happens, allowing herself to be surprised and touched. She listens to what it evokes in her and tries to understand how this experience is speaking to her.

Rereading her life and meditating on the Word of God gradually find echoes in her. Regular spiritual accompaniment will help her to grow in a truer love of God, of others and of herself. Along the way, this forms an interior unity.





 An evaluation of this stage, by the postulant, by the community and by those in charge allows her to envisage :

  • Either the continuing on her road by entering the novitiate,
  • Or returning to her previous situation, having concluded that, for her, following Christ will be lived out in another way.

This decison is welcomed in faith and liberty.



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