As religious sisters, we are women with the richness and the limits of our being as women : in the way we enter into relationships, express our affectivity, exercise power… All this makes its mark on our whole being and on the way we live community life, authority, prayer, mission.


We have met Jesus and we have let ourselves be seized by Him : we consecrate all our being and all our energies to Him to the point of committing our whole life to following Him.




“This is the love we live in consecrated celibacy, which allows us no hold over anyone, but frees us and leaves us available for service.”

(Rule of Life n° 60)



In our lives, the spiritual experience of our encounter with Christ is strength for renewal : to entrust ourselves resolutely to his guidance each day and let him cast light on what we live, transforms us and sets us going.


We feel that we have a certain “kinship” with those women in the Gospel whose meeting with Jesus changed their lives :


– Mary, the mother of Jesus who “treasured all these things in her heart” (Lk 2:51) and who, at the wedding in Cana, told the servants: “Do whatever he tells you.” (Jn. 2:15)


– The Samaritan woman who, after the meeting at the well “leaves her water jar, runs back to the town, and says to the people there : come and see …” (Jn. 4:28)


– Mary of Magdala who, recognizing the risen Christ on Easter morning, was sent to announce the good news to the community : He is alive,“Go to my brothers …” (Jn 20:17)

With them, we are invited to reach out to our brothers and sisters in order to announce the Good News of Jesus Christ and to manifest God’s tenderness for all.


“…we set aside moments of solitude (…) for more prolonged contemplation of Christ, for examining our lives in the light of the Gospel, in order to renew ourselves in the truth of our commitment.”

(Rule of Life n° 35)


“It is important that we look back over our lives and past events in the light of the Word of God in order to discover the signs of Christ’s presence and also whatever is counter to his Spirit.”

(Rule of Life n° 31)


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