Religious women

Before speaking in terms of action and of service,

 the choice of religious life, for us,

 is founded on an obvious interior fact :


 Christ has taken hold of us and we have replied.


This spiritual experience of an encounter is source of renewal and of strength for mision.


We feel a “family relationship” with the women of the Gospel:

– Mary, the mother of Jesus,

– the Samaritan woman,

– Mary of Magdala…

who received the mision to go to their brothers ans sisters to announce the Good New…


Today, as yesterday, women have an important role in attentiveness to the various forms of suffering wich pervade our societies, as well as in handing on the Faith…



It is in Community that we receive the mission to carry the Good News of Jesus the Saviour into the very varied realities of our lives.

The Sisters, since the beginning, have been able to adapt in order to respond to the calls of the Church and the needs of the milieus to which they are sent.


“Wherever we are sent,

 we associate ourselves closely

 with the people of the locality

 in all simplicity.

 We collaborate, in so far as we are able,

 for the betterment of all and for the spreading of the Gospel,

 so that together

 we may become able to welcome Jesus Christ

 and live as his Church.”

(Rule of life)

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