A way of humanity

“The Sisters will redouble their care and tenderness for those who seem the most abandoned” (Rule of Life 1842)


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To “honour”, to love humanity is, for us, 

– to listen patiently day by day,

– to find the gesture that builds a relationship,

– to hear the silence of abused women, humiliated in their dignity,

– to capture the cry of the handicapped person,

– to distribute meals to the hungry and to eat the same bread with them,

– to participate in actions of sharing and in the struggle against injustice,

– to enter into economic solidarity,

– to give glory for the beauty of the world and to take care of creation,

– to accompany persons who are on a spiritual search,

– to educate, to nurse …




it is tolook at all things from the standpoint of the poor…


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“He lets Himself be seen in contemplating the faces of our sisters and brothers” (Orientations 1998)





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