In humility and simplicity


The first Daughters of Jesus were women of modest origins. In a certain way, they had nothing much to lose, no riches, no fame, no power. This social insignificance enabled the growth of simplicity in them.



Remains of the  birthplace of Mère Sainte Angèle,

the first Superior General of the Congregation

in Elizen, Brittany


This passage from their modest condition to the simplicity, in Christ, of a heart free of all attachment epitomizes all the richness of the first Sisters’ experience.

Moreover, they were to take the name “Daughters” of Jesus, emphasizing by that, both their humble origins and their choice of a life as “servants”. (The word “Filles” in their name in French, ” Filles de Jésus” signifies “servant” in the use of the word at the time of the foundation).

Lavement_des_pieds_J_sus_d_tail_01We wish to walk in the way of humility, the way that Jesus took from his birth and hidden life in Nazareth to the Cross. In order to fulfil in all things God’s good pleasure, we wish to make use of everything, even our weaknesses, and allow ourselves to be gradually emptied of self and receive the gift of Gospel simplicity.” (Rule of Life n° 6)


True humility which does not depress, does not crush, but which promotes solidarity and leads us in a movement of liberation.


Words from M. M. de Saint Charles

“I always have at heart the desire to become humble … Always attracted to humility … loving humility … humility which does not close one’s heart…”

“One must be humble and renounce self… as without that we cannot love as we should the One who wants our whole heart.”

“Go your way with joyfulness towards Our Lord, and may everything serve to make you grow in the accomplishment of his good pleasure.”






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