As Jesus would do

“Who is my neighbour?”


qui est mon prochain

“With whom are we called to be in solidarity today?”

Contemplating Jesus

– who is aware of all afflictions

– who sympathizes with all suffering

– who heals, saves, raises up

– who teaches and makes us receptive to the Word of God

– who denounces injustice and segregation

– who gives hope and life

– who loves to the point of giving up His own life

we learn from Him to “honour” humanity, to love it.



Like Him,


we wish to let ourselves be touched in our flesh, in our heart, and in our spirit, by the faces of our sisters and brothers who are deprived of food, freedom, dignity, meaning, social ties, for whom life is a burden, a daily struggle.

In the most concrete realities and in our most everyday actions, in our contacts at work, in our promotion of causes, in our commitments … It is with Him we wish to walk, serve, and love as He loves us.

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