Being an Associate in Chile


Being an Associate has helped me to live the humanity of the Son of God more actively within my family, where those who one way or another have no part in a church community, either because they don’t know one or because they have been excluded“.  Rolando, accountant

A In 1996 a group of lay people who know and work with the Daughter of Jesus expressed the wish to become Associates.  The different member of the group wanted to know the Congregation and its spirituality better.

Three groups were started.  A team of sisters was asked to accompany them and be responsible for their formation.

For the Congregation this experience has meant:

  • Sharing with the laity a charism which was received as a gift for the good of the Church and the world
  • Becoming aware that a charism is only completely lived when it is shared with the other members of the Church

According to several accounts this means for the Associates:

Drawing inspiration from the charism and spirituality of the Congregation to live my faith more intensely according to the mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God, who gives more meaning to my daily life and invited me to a greater practical commitment to building a more just and fraternal world.” Albertina, Mother of a family.

Being an Associate helps me to see in each brother or sister the sacred humanity of Jesus; this brings me peace and helps me go beyond my family problems.”  Maria, Housewife.

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