Francis talks about his life as an Associate

Associés Rimouski

The journey made since 1998 with the Associates of the Daughters of Jesus has helped me to learn to know myself, intimately connected to the message of Jesus. The charism « to honour the sacred humanity of the Son of God » penetrates the Congregation and the Associates in the smallest, simplest acts done for their families and friends and for the poor. It corresponds with an inner call which I have known since I was very young.

Our group’s monthly meetings at Sayabec (Canada, Quebec), as well as the training we receive provide occasions where we learn how to love and live as Jesus did.
This journey has transformed me. It has given a new shape to the way I am, which impacts on how I live out my role as father of a family. It supports me in the social action I have to undertake as mayor of Sayabec and at my work in a professional training centre.
The way in which the Daughters of Jesus welcome people and are present to them, together with the discreet support of the Associates, help me to hold firm in my commitments.
During our meetings we reflect on St Augustine’s prayer : « My God, help me to know you and to know myself ». We add the phrase « in order to know others better ». I have been increasingly struck by the idea of forgiveness. A new understanding of forgiveness came to me during an Enneagram session. It helped me discover the true meaning of the plea in the Lord’s Prayer : « Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us ».

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