Associates of the Vice-Province of Edmonton

Edmonton AssociésThe Association is made up of laity, clergy, women and men, married or single who, inspired with the charism of the Congregation, desire to live their faith more deeply as committed persons in their chosen state of life by:

  • deepening their faith in the God of Jesus Christ living more fully their baptismal commitment
  • being inspired by the spiritual heritage of the Congregation and the particular way the Daughter of Jesus are touched by the Word of God

  • being sensitized to the needs of the most deprived
  • honoring the Sacred humanity of the Son of God, striving to imitate His virtues, especially His love
  • participating in a group of Associates.

Associate animation team

The Associates of the Edmonton Vice-Province are animated by a team of 6 Daughters of Jesus plus the Vice-Provincial and 3 Associates who are appointed to the team after consultation with the whole Association group. The Animation Team sets the formation program for the year which each group adapts to their own needs, and shares on the needs of each group making a budget to conform to these needs.

Information :

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Associated meetings

The Associates gather for approximately 3 hours each month to

  •   share on how they have lived the charism,
  •   experience communal prayer, and to

  have some type of formation that helps them to live as disciples of Jesus and to respond to their baptismal call in the service of the church and of the world.

Edmonton_renouvellement_des_promesses_petit_02The Associates meet together as an entire group once or twice a year to share and get to know one another.

The Associates attend the Sent on Mission with the Daughters of Jesus at their fall Assembly. At these meetings they publicly make or renew their promises as an Associate and are sent on mission like the Sisters.

History of the Associates in Alberta

In 1987 there were 3 people in Calgary who inquired about becoming associates. Being accompanied by the Daughters of Jesus they made their first promises in 1988 after the General Council officially accepted Associates in the Province of Alberta.

Gradually three Associate groups were formed: Edmonton-St.Albert(and Morinville), Edmonton, and Calgary groups

April 26, 1997 marked the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Associates in Alberta. The Associates compiled a 10th anniversary booklet describing how they became associates and what it meant to them to live the charism of the Daughters of Jesus. They also celebrated with prayer and invited the sisters to participate with them and to enjoy a social gathering afterwards.

During  the 18 years the Associate groups have existed in Alberta many associates as well as team members have come and gone. There are currently 13 Associates in the province who have made promises to live the charism in their lives.

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